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How has your life changed since returning to school?

We asked the girls this question a few months after the start of school. Their answers show just how much being back in the classroom has bolstered their confidence and given them hope for their futures.

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Raneem, 10

"Before going to school, there were times I felt really lonely, empty and depressed. Now I feel like I've found myself. I'm more social. Even though I am older than the rest of the girls, the teachers and girls were very welcoming. This motivated me and brings out the best in me. I am proud of the lessons I am learning."


"Going back to school has changed the way I perceive my future. My dream job is becoming a teacher, just like mine."


Joury, 15

"I never used to do anything for myself. I used to work, but that wasn't for my own sake. Going to school is for me. Studying is a priority at the moment. I now dream of moving to a foreign country and graduating from one of the best universities. I am also proud of learning to treat people in a nice manner. My principal is teaching me this because she treats us all as daughters."


Khulood, 10

"My life has become entertaining. I have many different activities on a daily basis. I no longer want to be a stay-at-home mother. I am going to study and become a famous engineer. My love for education and learning makes me proud of myself."


Nada, 12

"Before I had only seen a computer. Going back to school has enabled me to use computers and become more familiar with technology. I no longer see myself as a housewife. I believe I can make a change in the world. I will do so by becoming a teacher, advocating for education and ensuring children understand the importance of education."


Mariam, 13

"I now believe that everything is possible. I never had friends. I was always alone. I now have close friends who I can share my secrets and interests with. I also can tell people that I know how to read and write. I am really proud of being able to read street signs."


Shahed, 9

"My dream of becoming a doctor is now possible. This was never an option before school. I am really proud I can read and write."


Nagham, 14,

"I no longer just dream of becoming an artist, I now hope to become one. I am proud of learning how to read and write. Writing was quite challenging, but I am becoming better and better at it."


Nisreen, 14

“I no longer go to work with my dad in order to help make money. My daily routine involves going to school and solving my homework. I now have the option of studying hard and going to unversity when I graduate."


Enas, 15

"My goal in life changed from wanting to get married to loving school and working on becoming a flight attendant. I want to travel the world! My way of thinking has changed. I now know how to use a computer. I am really proud of that! The fact that I can become successful makes me happy."


Maysam, 15

"I used to be extremely short tempered. I constantly compared myself to other girls because I felt different. I felt they had opportunities that I did not. Going back to school has made me feel less insecure about myself and happier in general. I also have new friends."

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