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Meet some of the girls who got to resume their schooling this past September, thanks to your purchases on Olivela.

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Ranim, 10, Future Teacher

"I stopped going to school so that I can help my mother take care of my younger siblings. Ever since my baby sister was born, I have been responsible for taking care of the family. I help bathe them. I feed them. I change them. I do everything for them. When I stopped going to school, I stopped learning and I stopped seeing my friends. My biggest dream is to become an engineer or a teacher, but mostly a teacher." Ranim started 5th grade this year.


"Right now, my brothers and sisters don’t know how to read. But soon, I can teach them."


"I know that I’m going to make it one day—that I’m going to study, finish everything and achieve my dream."


Kholoud, 10, Future Teacher

"I am at school after I missed three years. My favorite subject is math. I like numbers. I would like to continue my school to go to the university and to become a teacher, to teach children to read and write.” Kholoud is currently in a catchup program to get her back on grade level.


Nada, 12, Future Teacher

"Before I got back into school, I helped my mother with housework. Now, my favorite subjects are English and Arabic. I like the two languages and the teacher who teaches them. Someday I'd like to have my own school and help children to learn. I’d like to be a teacher, because I like education." Nada is currently in the 7th grade.


Arwa, 14, Future Judge

"I love school. I'm not just going back to school—I’m going to be one of the valedictorians. I want to finish my education, so I can become a judge and work for justice in the world." Arwa started 9th grade this year.


Mariam, 14, Future Artist

"I never imagined that I'd leave school, but I had to help my father who hurt his back. I had to go to work in a sewing workshop, sweeping and moping the floors. I prefer drawing to anything else. When I draw, if I’m angry, I calm down. Ever since I was a kid, I used to tell my mom that I wanted to become an artist and draw and even have an exhibition.” She is now in the 6th grade.


Shahed, 10, Future Doctor

Shahed, who has never attended school, is currently enrolled in a catchup program. Until she was able to get into school, Shahed spent her days watching TV, playing with her siblings and helping her mother with housework. Now that she is back in the classroom, she has big dreams. “I want to be a doctor to treat the sick people. Also, I like the color white."


Nagham, 14, Future Doctor

"I want to go to school because I like to study, like other children. I am most excited to learn Arabic, so I can write in a beautiful way. My dream is to be a doctor, to help and treat the sick.” Nagham started the 4th grade this year. This is the first time she's ever been in school.


Nisreen, 13, Future Doctor

“My dream is to be educated, to become a doctor and to go back to my country. I also really like drawing because it expresses my feelings. I draw every day after I finish working with my mother. I like to draw dresses because I had the dream of becoming a fashion designer. The first time I drew a dress, I was surprised because my drawings were really good. I felt good because not only can I draw, but I can also teach people around me how to draw." Nisreen is in the 9th grade.


Enas, 16, Future Flight Attendant

"I really want to finish my education and get my degree. I want to become a flight attendant so I can visit all the countries. I really want to go to Europe—mainly because opportunities for education are so strong there. I want to go there to study, and I want to tour the entire place." This year, she is enrolled in a catchup program to get her back to grade level.


Maysam, 14, Future Beauty Salon Owner

Like most 14-year olds, Maysam loves playing on her phone and listening to music. But unlike many her age, she had to drop out of school after the first grade because of war. But now she is back and enrolled in 8th grade. “I want to finish my education so I can be like my siblings, and I want to have my own beauty salon and be a hairdresser.”

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