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Luxury shopping with purpose
When you shop, we donate.
Total donations provided 333,334 days of school (or its equivalent) With your help, we have provided a total of 9,827 hours of environmental education 13,283 weeks of academic support 7,868 hours of charge 197,188 days of school 31 days of advocacy and mentorship 15 hours of art education programming 38 trees 6 days of aftercare medicine 73 hours of conservation efforts 128 days of education 1 hour of advocacy 48 hours of breast cancer research 1,611 hours of sailing lesson scholarships 949 days of preserving nantucket's history 937 hours of free admission 720 meaningful gifts 55,776 essential supplies 11,114 items for chemotherapy treatment 2,192 hours of recreational activity 21 removal of pieces of toxic plastic
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