What I’m Grateful For
Founder and CEO Stacey Boyd thanks you for helping in the fight for the rights of children everywhere.
by Stacey Boyd

Opportunity is something I think about a lot. It started with the opportunity to join Malala Yousafzai (above, with her father Ziauddin and me) on a visit to refugee camps in Kenya and Rwanda. I met amazing girls there with extraordinary stories of overcoming poverty and war and escaping forced marriage to pursue their educations. What I, myself, and my two daughters are lucky enough to have—access to education and the ability to live life on our own terms—these girls literally had to risk their lives for. It became crystal clear to me that while talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not.

From this realization came the idea for Olivela.com. I wanted to create a place where every purchase helps children reach their potential. I feel blessed to help fight this fight, and I am deeply grateful to you for choosing to shop with us and give your purchase a purpose.

I wish you and your families a warm and peaceful holiday.

With Love,

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