GOOD+ Foundation Helps Families #GetThere
Transportation fare, car seats and strollers can be out of reach for struggling families. The #GetThere fundraising campaign seeks to make their daily commutes easier

Every parent knows how difficult it is to balance a career and daily responsibilities while getting kids to school, athletics and extra-curricular activities. Imagine facing all that without a stroller, transportation fare, car seats or any of the other gear needed to get kids from place to place. That’s the reality for more than 70 percent of the families served by GOOD+ Foundation.

GOOD+ Foundation launched the #GetThere campaign last holiday season after learning how many people were jumping turnstiles, walking great distances or skipping appointments with case workers because they couldn’t afford basic transportation. “For a parent making minimum wage, just paying rent or putting food on the table can seem like a struggle,” said Katherine Snider, the Foundation’s executive director. “By providing metro passes, bus tokens, strollers, double strollers, car seats and infant front carriers, we can help families get to work, get their kids to school and day care and focus on re-building their lives through the life-changing programs offered by our partners.”

The first campaign launched last December and raised more than $30,000, so the Foundation is doing it again with the hope of reaching $35,000. New this year is a match from longtime GOOD+ supporter 4moms, a company that makes hi-tech baby gear. For every $50 donation made through Dec. 31, 4moms will give a infant stroller to GOOD+ Foundation to help a family in need.

To help a family #GETTHERE this holiday season, click here.

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