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Women on a Mission

Spotlight On: Tata Harper

Tata started a clean beauty empire, in which she uses zero synthetics, from her New England farm, where she grows ingredients, manufactures products and lives with her family. She’s actually far from a New Englander, having grown up in Barranquilla, Columbia.

Who are other women working in the beauty and fashion industry that you admire for their socially conscious business practices?

We’ve been extremely lucky to collaborate with Stella McCartney for many seasons. I not only admire her for her commitment to taking significant measures to reducing their environmental impact, but also for her commitment to promoting good labor standards and protecting human rights in all aspects of her business. It is her mission to eradicate modern slavery and take responsibility for the resources they use. They believe in building a transparent supply chain that supports local communities by providing desirable jobs that offer fair wages, foster people’s skills, and strengthen worker’s voices.
I also admire Danielle Duboise, founder of Sakara Life, which offers fresh, organic and plant-based meals in a delivery service. I have always believed that wellness comes down to evaluating your daily habits, because at its heart wellness really is about making choices to better your life and improve your wellbeing. That encompasses everything from nutrition to sleep to beauty to exercise. I think that wellness should be accessible to everyone and that’s why I admire Sakara’s efforts to improve nutrition in low-income households. All of the ingredients that do not end up in Sakara Life meals are donated or composted through their partnerships with City Harvest, Roho Compost, and Wilenta Feed.

How do you integrate social consciousness into your business or personal life?

Not only am I committed to making our business as transparent as possible, but I make it a part of our mission to build partnerships between Tata Harper and socially conscious businesses that are impacting the world in a positive way. Sourcing is a huge part of our social consciousness efforts too. Whether it’s our ingredients or our packaging, we work with vendors that are committed to fair trade, protecting workers, supporting local communities, sustainability, and environmentally responsible practices.

What do you wear to feel most empowered at work?

I feel most empowered at work when I am in an outfit that makes me feel strong and beautiful, but also comfortable. I am a huge fan of wearing jeans on days that I am not running around to meetings and I am working from my office. When I am hosting beauty classes, I love to wear long, comfortable dresses that are both effortless and chic.

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