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When you shop, we donate.
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James Pecis

Global Ambassador, Oribe
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My daily ritual includes …
I always make time to do some stretching in the morning and try not to be rushed. It doesn’t matter how early I need to leave, I always make time for it.
I am grateful for...
Every minute of my life.
I often take for granted..
I take too much for granted—my wife, my health, my family, my friends, my opportunities. I live life so fast that I often forget how special every part is.
I wish more people could feel...
Love for one another and for all things on this planet.
My favorite way to give includes …
Getting involved. Donating to your favorite charities is extremely necessary to make things happen, but we also need to find ways to use the talents we are given to get involved with those things we feel passionate about.
If I could walk someone else’s path, it would have to be ...
I don’t think I have what it takes to walk in someone else’s path, but I wish I had the courage, leadership and love of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.
The easiest way to connect with others is …
Face to face.
The biggest misconception about the beauty business is …
Eco products do not perform as well as synthetic chemicals.
When I think sustainability, I imagine …
A future without plastic. Consumers who are conscience of buying what’s good for the body and for the planet. Companies that look into new technologies that advance sales while decreasing waste and packaging. Ingredients that are safe for humans and for the water table when they go down the drain. When I think of sustainability, I think there is really no other way to do things. It’s not just for future; it is for now.
The biggest truth...
We are all in this together.
My golden rule is …
Big things start small.
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One cause I wish everyone knew about is...
“We all need to listen to the causes that speak to us the loudest, then use our talents to do what we can. There are a lot of people in the world, and we can all find something to care about. The most important part is to get involved.”
— James Pecis, Oribe Global Ambassador
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