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Women on a Mission

Spotlight on: Bee Shapiro

Bee has been a journalist and contributing editor to The New York Times, covering beauty, fashion, entertainment and pop culture for more than a decade. In 2015, she launched Ellis Brooklyn, a luxury eco and sustainable fragrance and bodycare company based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

How do you define women’s empowerment in the new decade?

When I first started my working life 13 or 14 years ago, I was a hedge fund attorney and the working atmosphere for women was completely different. We had to act and dress a certain way — conservatively — in order to be taken seriously. The beauty of what's happening now with women's empowerment is that we're able to achieve our dreams and careers without so much conforming to this old school idea of what being a professional woman is. I love that I can wear literally whatever I want to work. I still dress up for important meetings but in the way that I want. I'm saying this not purely for fashion and vanity sake, but I think it's important that a woman can choose her aesthetic as we've been historically judged so much by it.

How is fashion becoming more socially conscious?

I love fashion and always have. I also like trends and participate in them, so I had to think through how I could keep the aspects I love about fashion and be responsible. I have an unlimited subscription to Rent the Runway. I also supplement by buying off responsible sites like Olivela or even from the sustainable lines from Zara. I still have not truly gotten into vintage despite a piece here or there, but that's my next goal.

What are three words that you identify with as a woman?

Risk-taker, multitasker, nurturer.

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