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When you shop, we donate.


Anzie and Jaclyn Stein of Anzie Jewelry

Created in a moment of crisis, this family-run jewelry line is an expression of the love and hope its women founders have for each other and the world.

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Try on an Anzie piece—it's like discovering wearable joy. Then learn the story behind the brand and realize the joy you feel comes from more than just the starburst shapes and rainbow-colored gems. It comes from the women behind the line and all the hope and love they poured into creating its first pieces. It started when artist Anzie Stein (center) learned her husband Barry had been diagnosed with colon cancer. She and her daughters, Jaclyn (near, right) and Joanna (far, left), needed to do something to help themselves cope, so they created a line of jewelry to raise awareness for colorectal cancer. Its success, specifically that of the Lifesaver Bracelet, led them to launch their jewelry company in 1999. Today, Barry is healthy and the president of Colorectal Cancer Canada, philanthropy is a core value and the women still run the company: Anzie as the president, Jaclyn, the creative director and Joanna, the head of sales. "We all give our input in each area, but it's important to have distinct roles," says Jaclyn. "It’s important to respect one another," adds Anzie.

“We saw that there was a demand for colorful fine jewelry and we thought, if we can create a business out of something that is fun to us, then we can build on this starting point and do more fundraising at the same time.”  

Jaclyn Stein

Your designs are really joyful, what inspires you?

Jaclyn: Nature was my first inspiration. I wanted to make pieces that were soothing and reminded people of the sea, the sky and drops of water. We have the Dew Drop collection and that was our starting point.  We are also inspired by the women that we know, and the sentimental keepsakes that people want to wear and pass down to their children. Our jewelry is meaningful and the symbols, initials and charms all have meaning behind them. The color often represents a birthstone. Initials are often their childrens' and the symbols are often good luck charms. In our Aztec collection, we're inspired by ancient Mayan ruins and celestial symbols such as stars, the moon, the sun, and rainbows.

What’s next for the company?

Anzie: We just launched our birthstone collection called ‘Bonheur’ which is French for happy. We’re relaunching anzie.com and hopefully having it translated to Mandarin in the future!

Jacyln: We also launched JAC + JO, inspired by millennials, minimalism, survival and achievement. The brand is all about the strength of women and a portion of the proceeds are donated to women’s foundations.

Outside of work, what are your passions?

Anzie: Golf, my garden, floral arranging, and staying fit.

Jaclyn: Joanna and I have young children, so when we’re not at work, we’re with our kids. My family is creative and sporty so we like to play tennis and head to the beach. We also love traveling and being outdoors. We are dog lovers, as well.

What is your morning routine? 

Anzie: Get up at 5am and write emails about what has to get done at work. Take my Portuguese water dog Kramer for a 20-minute walk. Have breakfast, look after my garden, workout, get ready and off to the office.

Jaclyn: Wake up, try to tame my hair, wash face, moisturize, get dressed, get children to school, run with my dog. 

Philanthropy is a core part of your business, how do you pick partners?

Anzie: We’ve choose foundations that we feel passionate about. I’d love to help dogs. This is the next cause I wish to focus on!

Jaclyn: We've worked with several charities over the years. The CURE Foundation for breast cancer, the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), and HUMC (Hackensack University Medical Center). The Women's Foundation is a cause that feels appropriate for the times. We want to protect and empower women.

“Many foundations approach us, and we always try to give back in some way. Alongside my husband, we support many hospitals within our area. ”

Anzie Stein
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