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When you shop, we donate.
When you shop, we donate.

Our Partnership with

Global Wildlife Conservation

GWC's mission is to conserve the diversity of life on Earth, where all of life has value and can flourish. From the smallest frog to the largest rhino, diversity of life underpins ecosystems that provide us food, water, clean air and stable weather. We champion often overlooked but highly threatened species, which are just as integral to global biodiversity as pandas, tigers and polar bears. The 'underfrogs' if you will. With your help, we can retain, restore and revitalize our planet.

“We are protecting wildlife and wildlands by cultivating conservation leaders to ensure that future generations can enjoy what we often take for granted.” Wes Sechrest, Ph.D.
CEO & Chief of Scientist, GWC

What’s up ahead...

The Flat-headed Cat is a small cat found in the disappearing peat swamp forests of Indonesia and Malaysia. It is one of the rarest and most elusive cats in the world. There are believed to be fewer than 2,500 adult Flat-headed Cats in the wild, and fewer than 10 in captivity. But there are some glimmers of hope. Some of the cat's peatland habitat is being restored, and we are working with local partners to find and secure populations of the elusive feline and to understand their movements and needs. With a little help, we believe this cat can be brought back from the brink!

How Does It Work? 20% of the proceeds of all items purchased through our partnership with Olivela will benefit Global Wildlife Conservation
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When you shop, we donate.
When you shop, we donate.
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