Together we can ensure refugee girls have options—to continue their education, to decide who and when to marry, and to pursue their dreams
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1 in 4 Girls
are forced into marriage before their 15th birthday.
Girls who complete secondary school are 6x less likely to become child brides
30 Girls
The number of Syrian refugees that Olivela has pledged to send back to school
We’ve funded 0 days of school for Syrian children at high risk of child marriage.
37 Girls Funded! The Olivela community have funded 37 girls so far. Let's support even more
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240 days of school provided 60 still needed
Joury, 15 “My dream is to go back to school, so I can finish my education and achieve all my dreams.”
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291 days of school provided 9 still needed
Enas, 16 “I want to study because this will help me reach my dream. ”
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161 days of school provided 139 still needed
Ranim, 10 “The best thing about being in school is that I’m learning.”
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160 days of school provided 140 still needed
Mariam, 14 “I am not in school right now, but I would love to go because all my friends are there.”
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157 days of school provided 143 still needed
Arwa, 14 “ I’m not just going back to school—I’m going to be one of the valedictorians.”
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150 days of school provided 150 still needed
Nada, 12 “I’d like to have my own school and help children.”
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150 days of school provided 150 still needed
Batool, 16 “If I get married, I know that I am never going to go back to school.”
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150 days of school provided 150 still needed
Nagham, 14 “I want to go to school because I like to study, like other children.”
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150 days of school provided 150 still needed
Kholoud, 10 “ I would like to continue my school to go to the university.”
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150 days of school provided 150 still needed
Shahed, 9 “I want to learn Arabic, to read and write.”
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150 days of school provided 150 still needed
Maysam, 14 “I want to finish my education to be like my siblings”
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150 days of school provided 150 still needed
Hiba, 14 “ When I go to school, I’m going to learn to read.”
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150 days of school provided 150 still needed
Nisreen, 13 “My sister and I haven’t been back to school yet because our financial situation isn’t allowing us to go.”
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How Marriage & Education Are Linked?
Girls who are married are often expected to drop out of school, almost ensuring that they will live lives of poverty. Educating girls gives them the chance at a better life. CARE works to identify the most at-risk girls and pays their families $100 a month. By alleviating the families' financial struggles, CARE ensures that the girls can continue their education.
  • 142 Million Children will be married by 2020 if this trends continue
  • Almost 39,000 Girls become child brides every single day, often married to much older men
  • Up to 60% of girls without education are married by age 18
  • 31 million girls are currently out of school
Since we've launched, Olivela shoppers have provided over 30,037 days of school to girls across the globe.
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