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Picasso said, "Inspiration exists, but it must find you working." The spark that ignites us to dream about what could be—for us and for our future, namely the children of the world—is best fueled by a plan of action. Explore the inspiring stories here to see what sort of magic occurs when individuals marry motivation with movement and set out to secure and improve the lives of our future generations. We invite you to read, respond and share.
GOOD+ Foundation Helps Families #GetThere
Transportation fare, car seats and strollers can be out of reach for struggling families. The #GetThere fundraising campaign seeks to make their daily commutes easier
Jessica Seinfeld’s GOOD+ Foundation Is Truly a Family Affair
The bestselling author and mom has built a powerful organization that helps hundreds of thousands of families each year
Bringing Music Education To Kids Who Need It Most
Cuts in arts funding disproportionately impact impoverished schools and students of color. VH1 Save The Music Foundation is working hard to restore equality
What I’m Grateful For
Founder and CEO Stacey Boyd thanks you for helping in the fight for the rights of children everywhere.
Giving Voice To The Vulnerable
Stephanie Sinclair's photographs of young girls who have been forced into marriage moved our founder to action.
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9,161 days of school provided
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