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When you shop, we donate.
When you shop, we donate.

I work out first thing

...otherwise it never ends up happening. My go-to studios are Barry's Bootcamp, SLT and Soul Cycle and I try to take 6:30am or 7:00am classes. There’s no better feeling than finishing your workout and having the entire day ahead.

It sets me up for success

...fitness makes me feel so strong, both physically and mentally. I think the best way to feel more confident as a woman is to keep the promises you make to yourself and push yourself to be better each day. Getting my body moving every morning helps me to conquer the day ahead.

I don't wear makeup

...when I'm working out, sweating with creams and serums can clog your pores. Oribe's Dry Shampoo is my savior for post-workout hair though!

I read before bed

...to wind down my brain and always apply my night serums. I also try my best to not sleep with my phone in the room. No blue light before bedtime.

I always take probiotics

...in the morning and at night. Post workout, I'll have a smoothie with plant protein and lots of anti-bloat ingredients. If I've had a big meal, I'll take digestive enzymes as well.

Cass's workout essentials

Gold Lust Dry Shampoo 300ml
Provides 1 Day of school
Inversion Bra
Provides 2 Days of school
Inversion Leggings
Provides 4 Days of school
20 oz. Glass Water Bottle
Provides 1 Day of school
Radar Crop Top
Provides 1 Day of school
Launch Leggings
Provides 3 Days of school
rag & bone
Sport Blocked Hoodie
Provides 6 Days of school
Feline Bra
Provides 2 Days of school
Kanawai Uakoko Shorts
Provides 4 Days of school
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