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1. Cleansing balms

Balms are packed with rich oils and hydrating ingredients, so they'll clean the skin without drying it, as can often be the case with foaming formulas. Use lukewarm rather than hot water to wash it off.

2. Buff your skin

Dry skin will remain dry if you don’t exfoliate – no matter how many serums and moisturizers you apply. Use a gentle facial scrub instead of your cleanser two to three times a week for maximum results.

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3. Stay hydrated

While lighter textures are great for summer, they won’t help you fight the cold snap when it comes to you healthy and plump skin. Start with a hyaluronic serum, followed by a rich cream – letting it sink in for five minutes before applying anything else. At night, switch to an oil for the final step.

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4. Protection is key

SPF is always a good idea. Even if it doesn’t feel like the sun is on your face, your skin is still sensitive to UVA and UVB rays, as well as pollution – particularly if you live in a city.

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5. Pay lip service

Dry and chapped can be really painful. Don't abandon them - try a conditioning formula that’s packed with antioxidants to leave your pout feeling noticeably nourished.

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