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Tanya Taylor

Designer, Tanya Taylor
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My daily ritual includes …
I always play music in the morning, like old Temptations or Sam Cook. I play with my son, then I go through about five different outfits, tearing every drawer open and leaving my closet very messy. At night, I always have a bath, and I light candles a lot. All through the day, I take a ton of photos for inspiration, so I often sort through them before bed thinking how they can work their way into a collection.
I wish more people could feel...
Less lonely and more connected to one other. Especially in New York where it is easy to feel lonely.
My favorite way to give includes …
Thoughtful letters and personalized gifts.
If I could walk someone else’s path, it would have to be ...
Someone who works for a non-profit and feels like they’re really devoted to giving back.
The easiest way to connect with others is …
Eye contact and listening.
My favorite term of endearment is…
I love you in the home and thank you in the office.
The biggest misconception about fashion designers is …
That we sketch all day.
When I think sustainability, I imagine …
A world where everyone is mindful of their choices and helps eliminate waste.
One cause I wish everyone knew about…
Troop 6000— a girl scout troop for homeless girls in the five boroughs of New York.
Tanya Taylor
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My biggest truth is…
“Kindness. I really believe that you can be successful by being kind and honest. I also believe in Karma and treating others the way you want to be treated.”
— Tanya Taylor
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