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When you shop, we donate.
Style. Conscious

Clara Molloy

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Memo Paris
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My daily ritual includes…
Reading a poem.
I am grateful for…
The light.
I often take for granted...
That someone will have left the last chocolate for me.
I wish more people could feel….
My favorite way to give includes….
If I could walk someone else’s path, it would have to be….
In high heels.
My favorite term of endearment is…
Pim’s. (It is a French biscuit.)
The easiest way to connect with others is….
To listen to them.
The biggest misconception about the beauty business is...
Thinking it is a business.
When I think sustainability I imagine….
Online selling.
My biggest truth is…
What my children would tell you about me.
My personal passion is…
My husband.
One cause I wish everyone knew about is…
“Paris Tout P'tits, my mother’s association that helps Parisian babies.”
— Clara Malloy
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