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When you shop, we donate.
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Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

Plastic Surgeon and Founder, 111SKIN
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My daily ritual includes …
A comprehensive skincare routine, morning jog, and a session at 111CRYO (the cryotherapy clinic he opened in Harvey Nichols) to get me motivated for the day.
I am grateful for...
My family, though I often take that for granted. I work long hours, but would love to carve out some more quality time with them.
I wish more people could feel...
Happy and fulfilled.
My favorite way to give includes …
Inviting my team to my home and treating them to home-cooked food and drinks. I like to thank them for their dedication and hard work in an intimate and informal setting, so we can all relax and keep getting to know each other on a more personal level.
If I could walk someone else’s path, it would have to be….
Alexander the Great for his vision, accomplishments, and reconciliation.
My favorite term of endearment is…
Agape Mou—this means “my love” in Greek.
The easiest way to connect with others is….
Face-to-face conversation. I meet and speak to many people every single day in my clinic, in meetings, and socially. None of these encounters would be powerful or meaningful over email or text message.
The biggest misconception about the beauty business is...
That it’s shallow. One’s self image has a huge impact on self-esteem, and the beauty industry is not there to prey on low confidence, but to serve as an environment to express yourself.
When I think sustainability, I imagine….
Health—for our planet, our own bodies, or even financial health. All must be looked after for sustainability and longevity.
My biggest truth is… 
Everything happens for a reason.
My golden rule is…
Do more of what you love.
My personal passion is…
My commitment to the safe and ethical practice of plastic surgery, even if that means turning patients away.
One cause I wish everyone knew about is…
“Carers UK—an admirable UK charity that does inspirational work with elderly and disabled people.”
— Dr. Yannis Alexandrides
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