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Layering Necklaces

Layering is more art than science—really anything goes as long as you find
it appealing. But if you're not a fan of a haphazard or undone look, there are
a few guidelines you can follow to create more cohesive collections.

Master The Basics

  1. Space them out. The ideal is at least 1.5 to 2 inches between each necklace.
  2. Start with the longest necklace. It's easier to see how the pieces are spaced and balanced.
  3. For a very cohesive, clean look, use pieces in the same style, say all geometric or all Art Deco, or those that have one common element, like the color of the metal or a gem.

Then Go Pro

You know those guidelines you just read? Well now, you're ready to throw them out.

  1. While you want the pieces spaced apart, varying the spacing between each necklace creates an edgier look.
  2. Pendents fall in a V while chains make a U. Play with the varying shapes to add a bit of interest.
  3. A pendent and a chain of about the same length will naturally fall into layers with the pendent hanging below the chain.
  4. Mix metals, styles and materials. Contrast is the backbone of great style. Look for opposites and then layer away.
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Length Cheatsheet

A breakdown of some basic lengths and approximately where they will fall.
14 inches is a choker
16 inches sits in your collar bone
18 inches is mid chest
20 is top of the decollatage
24 is right in the cleavage
30 halfway between bust and belly button
33 sits at the belly button

14" choker + 18" bar + 25" pendent

Cléo Geometric Crew Necklace
Provides 29 Days of School
Jade Trau
Crescent Charm Necklace
Provides 73 Days of School

15" choker + 18" chain with 2.25 drop + 30" pendent

Jane Kaye
Sideways Pavé Heart Necklace
Provides 19 Days of School
Classique Bezel Y Necklace
Provides 9 Days of School

16" choker + 18" beaded strands + 28" pendent

Lana Jewelry
Flawless Mini Bar Necklace
Provides 23 Days of School
Vertigo Flurries Triple Strand Necklace
Provides 51 Days of School
Enamel Mosaic Pendant Necklace
Provides 39 Days of School

Or you can always fake it!

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