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Mixing Prints

Rest assured, not all mixed print looks are loud and discordant.
With a bit of know-how, you can create a beautiful and harmonious
look that is nothing short of chic.

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Same Print,

Different Sizes

Wearing the same print, in the same colors, but in different sizes creates a cohesive and very chic look.

Here, the larger print is less detailed than the smaller print, which also keeps the look more subtle.

Another idea to try: Wear the same print in reversed colors. For example, a brown piece with black spots paired with a black piece that has brown spots.

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Same Print,

Different Colors

This plaid on plaid works because one is bright and the other dark. The navy and hunter green shades in the pants not only recede, they are also neutral, making them easy to build an outfit around.

The yellow sweater picks up on the yellow in the blazer, but if it seems too bright, it could easily be replaced with something darker.

Other ideas to try: Mixing different types of plaids in the same colors or a larger plaid with small checks.

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Different Prints

If two prints are made up of the same colors or of complementary colors, you are off to a good start. A few other general rules of thumb: Vary the sizes, and vary the amount of background you see. In this photo, you see almost no background in the jacket, but you do see the white of the shirt.

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Snow Xue Gao
Madison Combo Skirt
Provides 25 Days of School
Nomad Dress
Provides 17 Days of School
Jason Wu GREY
Floral Flutter Sleeve Dress
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Adriana Iglesias
Anna Silk Satin Reversible Robe
Provides 114 Days of School
Mixed Print Dress
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Snow Xue Gao
Mott Coat
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