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When you shop, we donate.
When you shop, we donate.
Where did the idea for Born This Way Foundation first come from?

My mom and I started Born This Way Foundation as a response to the thousands of stories we heard while traveling around the world on tour. My fans would pour their hearts out and share how they're suffering, surviving and thriving. I found strength, inspiration and purpose in their brave stories.
The more people I connected with, the more I began to see myself in them and I knew that together, we could create a movement that would remind us all that we're not alone and that everyone deserves community, support and resources.
Our work at Born This Way Foundation strives to be a constant reminder that a kinder, braver world is possible when we choose to be loving, kind, accepting, and brave.

What are some of the activities you love most, or that you find most rewarding?

I love doing anything that brings my family and friends together. For example, I really enjoy cooking; I'm Italian, so any day I get to spend making pasta and hanging out with my family is a day well spent. I’ve also recently gotten into poker and if I’m not performing at the Park MGM Theater in Las Vegas, I’m often at the tables.

What advice would you give young women and youth today?

Be kind to one another. I think everyone — especially young people — deserves to feel valued, appreciated, and loved. Remember that the kindness you give will intensify and create ripples of change larger than any of us could even imagine. And most importantly —and I think this is something that youth often forget — be kind to yourself. You are deserving of your own love. Learning to love yourself can be a difficult journey, it's one that I am still on, but the reward is inner peace, confidence, and a newfound freedom, and I promise you it's so worth it.

Who is your inspiration in life?

My mom. She's one of the kindest, most hardworking people I know. She's my rock and constant inspiration. Growing up, I experienced bullying from my peers, but my mom reminded me (and my sister, Natali) time and time again —and continues to remind me today — that I should never apologize for who I am. That we can combat hate with kindness. And that loving yourself and others is what makes this world go ‘round.

“Kindness is tremendously powerful. It can change the way that we view each other, the way that we view our communities, and the way that we work. Even the way that we feel about ourselves, by being kinder to ourselves. We need more kindness in the world.”