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Inside GANNI

In honor of #CPHFW, we sat down with GANNI CEO & Creative Director
Ditte Reffstrup to discuss everything from the muse behind the latest collection to her secret guilty pleasure.

What’s this year’s inspiration? Who is your muse?

I don’t really have a single muse, but right now I’m so excited about the collaborators and talented creatives we are connecting with across our GANNI 202020 year-long project. Starting off with Copenhagen Fashion Week at our #GANNI202020 show we will collaborate with over a dozen creatives from the likes of longtime friends Ana Kraš and Emma Rosenzweig to new friendships with Lulu Kaalund and Shaniqwa Jarvis. I love working with, and being surrounded by, talent from near and far. It’s all about celebrating friendships with kindred spirits and creative sisters around the world.

What do you hope people take away from the collection?

I hope they feel energized and take a feeling of togetherness for the future decade with them.

What are your favorite trends right now?

I don’t look to trends; I always go with my gut.

What's your favorite…

Accessory to wear

A GANNI bag and Sophie Bille Brahe diamonds.

Place in Copenhagen

It’s so hard to choose! If you’re ever heading to CPH, take a peek at our @ganni.guide.

For some culture, I’d hands down say go visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It’s a little bit out of town on the outskirts of Copenhagen, but it’s one of my all-time favorites. The architecture and view of the surrounding lake is pure beauty. The in-house collection is in a league of its own and I always come home inspired.

Piece from your closet

I have a really big vintage collection. But right now my day-to-day wardrobe hero is a GANNI shirt with a large Peter Pan collar.

Guilty pleasure

My not-so-guilty pleasure is dancing to 90s music. Nicolaj and I both love a good party!


All time favorite is Léon: The Professional- Natalie Portman’s look is iconic!

The fun stuff...
On what movie set would you like to live?

The Grand Budapest Hotel - or really just any Wes Anderson movie!

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Uff - I don’t know! I am a bit of a hoarder - I keep things forever. I hate throwing things out. I still have a pair of Converse I bought when I was 15.

This or that…

Minimalism or maximalism

I don’t really like to think we operate in binary terms and rules. I am always drawn to whatever makes you feel good. If you’re not having fun with fashion, what’s the point? With that said, I love things that have an unexpected detail - something bold and confident.

Skirts or jeans

I feel most at home in my jeans. I’m a tomboy at heart.

Coffee or tea

Cortado, all day, every day.

Colors or neutrals


Heels or flats

I bike everywhere in Copenhagen so I am always in flats. Right now I’m loving loafers.


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