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Work Dresses

Showing your personality at work can seem tricky, especially if you work in a very conservative office. But there are a few ways to sneak some style into your workwear. The easiest is with color. Instead of playing it safe in black and navy all the time, consider jewel tones, such as emerald and scarlet. Not only do these colors project power, they also happen to be quite on trend this season. If a work dress in a solid color is too bold a step for you, play with your accessories. Shoes or a bag in a color or pattern can make a simple dress into a complement magnet. And, of course, there is always jewelry. As long as the pieces don’t make noise or move so much as to be a distraction, pretty much anything goes.


Weekend Dresses

We get it. Your life is busy, and every weekend brings something different. You could be running errands, hanging out with family, going to brunch with friends, chatting at a dinner party—or most likely, all of the above. There’s no time to worry about changing for every different occasion. A stylish and comfortable dress is the answer for everything—easy to wear and perfect no matter what type of event comes your way. Plus, dresses work in every season. In the summer, you can wear your casual dress with metallic flat sandals, while in winter you can pair your weekend dress with booties and a cozy pair of tights.

Weekend Dresses

Nothing beats a pretty dress for the perfect mix of comfort and style.

Frezza Dress
Provides 9 Days of School

Day-to-night Dresses

When running from work to a dinner, date, cocktail party or other event, who has time for an outfit change? That's why the day-to-night dress is such an important part of every busy woman's wardrobe. There are many ways to transform your look from business to after-hours. The easiest: choose a simple dress in black or a bold solid and then dress it up by swapping your accessories. You can also opt for a dress that has a touch of shine or embellishment or is cut in a slightly more dressy fabric. Lastly, you can layer. Wear a blazer or cardigan over a strapless or backless dress to make it work appropriate.


Party Dresses

When it comes time to cut loose, getting dressed is half the fun. If the goal is to turn heads, then a sexy dress will defiantly induce whiplash. Of course, sexy means different things to different people. For some, a bodycon dress is the only answer. But there are many other ways to do sexy: A red dress, for example. Or, if you’re looking for something really of-the-moment, a simple slip dress in a matte satin fabric is the most on-trend way to show some skin. A chiffon dress is more flirtatious and will move with you out on the dance floor. And don’t underestimate the power of a gorgeous maxi dress when it comes to making an entrance.

Party Dresses

Nothing say “fun” quite like a sexy party dress.

Halter Neck Pencil Dress
Provides 47 Days of School

Cocktail Dresses

A dress code that calls for “cocktail attire” means you get to mix formality with personality. How you interpret it depends on the affair and the time of day. The later the hour the more toward formal you should lean. The classic go-to, of course, is the LBD. It has earned its status as “wardrobe staple” because it’s always chic and easy to dress up or down with accessories and jewelry. But it isn’t, by any means, your only option. The LWD, or little white dress, has become very popular over the last few years. White is just as chic as black, but can look more modern. While it’s not the greatest choice for a wedding, it can definitely work for any other occasion, like a class reunion or family gathering. Color isn’t the only variable you get to play with. A dressy fabric or embellishments are also festive and stylish options: think lace dress, metallic dress, embroidered dress, or even sequinned dress. When choosing one of these dressy fabrics, however, always opt for a simple silhouette. It will make the dress more versatile and easy to wear.

Cocktail Dresses

The little black dress is just one of many chic options.

Sleeveless Fringe Mini Dress
Provides 44 Days of School

Evening Gowns

Saturday night weddings, art openings, red carpet affairs and galas often have a formal dress code. While you might see a few embellished cocktail dresses there, most women will be wearing gowns. As long as you have the length, pretty much anything goes (unless it is a religious occasion, in which case, you may need to cover shoulders and arms). If you’re not into a lot of bells of whistles, try a strapless column in a solid color. Or you can go all out in a more voluminous silhouette with an overlay and beading. Trains, dramatic as they are, are only for the most formal of affairs. And if you’re going to be walking through a crowded space, they can be hard to manage—tripping you as well as others as you glide by. While it’s not necessary to save your more precious jewelry pieces for a big event, if you do have an ornate piece, this is the time to show it off.

Evening Gowns

When dressing for the most formal of affairs, only a gorgeous gown will do.

Emporio Armani
Velvet One Shoulder Gown
Provides 38 Days of School
Sachin and Babi
Chere Gown
Provides 1 Day of School