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Dr. Macrene Alexiades, Founder, 37 Actives

Drawing on both her medical and scientific backgrounds, this NYC dermatologist invented a product line full of stable, active ingredients.


Dermatologist Dr. Macrene Alexiades has seen many confused patients during her 20 year practice. The cause: an overabundance of skincare products touting miracle ingredients but not living up to their hopeful claims. "The reality is most products either do not deliver any active ingredients and are a waste of money, or they deliver precious few active ingredients that do not remain active and stable after manufacture," she explains. So she set out to find a way to create an all-in-one, toxin-free anti-aging skincare solution for her patients. Inspired by Nobel Prize-winning work conducted over decades on DNA repair molecules, Dr. Alexiades, who has three Harvard University degrees, a BA, MD, and PhD, developed 37 Actives, the only brand to combine all the classes of anti-aging ingredients and to prove that they remain active and stable three years after production.

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“I want people to understand that just as they use a lot of different vitamins and minerals and nutrients in their diet, they have to regularly use a lot of active ingredients in order for the skin to remain fully healthy.”

Tell us your morning routine?

Wash my skin with lukewarm water, pat dry and apply 37 Actives Moisturizer in the four quadrants of the face until absorbed. Apply the Firming Serum on top for added treatment of skin laxity. Dab on 37 Actives lip filler. Apply Neck and Décolletage to neck, chest, and the tops of my hands. Then I use a bland moisturizer on the elbows and lower legs. I use my Treatment Foundation as an undereye concealer, then apply mascara.

What's next for the line?

I am creating the world's best body lotion and mask, and down the line, some clever products that address unmet needs in the industry.

Are there skincare myths that seem impossible to dispel?

It is a myth that if you use retinol and SPF that your bases are covered. This myth has become firmly ingrained in the American mind.

What is your favorite way to give?

Ten percent of profits of my company goes to Harvard University labs and education. I know that the work done there is top notch as I spent much of my life working in those labs!

What other causes are you passionate about?

I am passionate about taking care of our earth. My son and I volunteer at the Cornell University extension in Dutchess County. I purchased land and returned it to an agricultural property and had the waterways designated protected wetlands and now the streams and pond are teeming with bass.

What do you hope women in the future never have to deal with?

Barriers to reaching leadership positions in their fields.

How would you describe your style?

Powerful, professional, stylish and sexy.

Which fashion labels do you love?

Lela Rose dresses me. She is a good friend and her clothes transition seamlessly from seeing patients to going to evening events where I am photographed. Narciso Rodriguez dresses fit me like a glove and are the perfect combination of feminine and professional. Gabriela Hearst is my new crush. Her natural tones and superb workmanship is unmatched.

What is something about you that people might be surprised to learn?

I love old movies. I have seen most classic films multiple times. They relax me; transport me to other times, fashions, demeanors, faces, senses of beauty and taste, and times in history.

“I am most grateful for the love of family and friends; and having this time to exist and do the best I can to contribute positive energy into the universe.”

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