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Adult acne & how to address it

Unfortunately, no one is immune to breakouts. The root of all acne boils down to this: Clogged. Pores. The oil on our skin is made up of the sebum (natural oil production), as well as things like sweat, dead skin cells & whatever else is floating around you. Add to that any hormonal imbalances, stress, diet changes, etc. and that’s where adult acne begins. But instead of sharing in the teenage angst of potential breakouts, my “Acne Fighting Regime” for morning & night can help topically treat & prevent acne.

First, wet your face with warm water & lather your cleanser all over. Rinse well with warm water. The important acne-cleanser ingredients will stay behind to work their magic, but the cleanser’s foaming agents, as well as built-up oil, dead cells and bacteria will be rinsed away.

Take it from me: Exfoliation (at least once a week) is your friend. Whether physical or chemical, exfoliating sloughs away dead skin cells, removes impurities & helps firm, tighten and give you that radiant glow. Just don’t overdo it because too much exfoliation, or doing it too often, can make acne worse.

Toners are so important for effective skincare. They help replenish any hydration lost during cleansing while also prepping skin to better absorb the active ingredients found in serums, oils & moisturizers. Toners also help remove excess oils and balance your skin's pH, a vital aspect of preventing breakouts. Added benefit? They shrink pores, too.

The best serums for acne combine moisturizing ingredients (like hyaluronic acid), redness-calming antioxidants (niacinamide) & acne-fighting powerhouses (retinol or glycolic acid). Since they’re formulated with a higher concentration of active ingredients, serums are able to reach the deepest layers of the skin, making them invaluable in combating breakouts.

It might seem counterintuitive to moisturize oily, acne-prone skin, but acne-fighting products can leave skin feeling dry. Moisturizing helps counteract that. Stick with creams & moisturizers containing non-comedogenic ingredients—aka won’t clog pores. Fortunately, there are plenty of products that work wonders for hydrating without causing breakouts or greasy skin.