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When you shop, we donate.

Roberto Coin

The Art of
“Stop and think of the responsibility we have today towards the next generations.”
— Roberto Coin
If you could change one thing about the world today, what would it be?
I would love for the world to find more of a balance between riches and poverty.
What is your favorite way to give?
I do not have one favorite way to give: there are thousands of ways and they are all good depending on who you are helping and with what purpose.
Who has been your greatest teacher when it comes to altruism?
The greatest one as he is also the first one: Earl Mountbatten. He was Queen Elizabeth's uncle. And many years ago, during a meeting of the Variety Charity Club in Guernsey [England], he told me that a great business man needs to have a strong memory first, as it is the way to remember that he has a heart. Those words changed my life and gave the start to my social commitment.
What is the biggest misconception about charity?
The result for sure, as too much is wasted before reaching the correct destination.
What is your dream for kids today?
I wish them to find again the joy to play outside together, appreciating nature and company. To play a lot of sport and go back home late, with a big smile.
What is your motto when it comes to giving back?
I was extremely proud to have won the award for best brand in social responsibility at the 2013 Palladio International Awards. During that occasion, I was asked a similar question. And, again, this time, I have no motto to provide. The truth is simply that I give back to society as it makes me feel happy, complete.
What is the one thing you wish everyone can experience for him/herself?
I wish everybody to travel as much as I did, as it is the best way to understand different cultures, arts, philosophies and meet people—each one unique and different form the others.
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